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Duty of Care

Coldwell Banker considers the health and safety of all attending events a top priority. We are
committed to taking measures to mitigate risk and expect attendees to be accountable for safe conduct
while attending this event. These commitments are outlined below.

This document will continue to evolve as relevant and may include measures such as face coverings,
social distancing, sanitizing stations and visual safety reminders, among others. Coldwell Banker will
continue to monitor and adjust as necessary.

Personal Accountability Commitment
By attending Coldwell Banker events you will be asked to participate in and agree to abide by certain
health-and-safety protocols implemented onsite while attending the event. This includes, but is not
limited to, wearing a face covering when required by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or venue,
providing vaccine status or proof of a negative PCR test (if required by venue), adhering to social
distance protocols, and following relevant guidance provided by the CDC and state and local orders.

Face Coverings
Face coverings are required for all unvaccinated individuals. Those who are fully vaccinated may also
choose to use face coverings. Please bring your own face covering(s). If you cannot wear a face mask, a
face shield is required.

Hand Sanitizer Stations
The event venue will provide ample hand sanitization stations throughout the event spaces in addition
to having sanitizer available in the event registration area and individual meeting spaces.

Socially Distanced Event Planning
We will partner with the venue to provide responsible seating. Well-being protocols will be in place for
catered events.